TERMS AND CONDITIONS The rights and obligations of the seller (EUROKONZERT s.r.o.) The rights and obligations of the customer

1. The rights and obligations of the seller The seller is a company EUROKONZERT s.r.o., V Štíhlách 1317/18, 140 00 Praha 4, CIN: 28 895 983 a. Seller is obliged to execute a binding order and send the ordered goods to the address indicated in this order within one business day of receipt of the order. In the case of advance payment to the account the seller will send the ordered goods within one business day of receipt of payment. If in the description of goods a longer period of expedition is mentioned, the order containing this item will be sent on the mandatory date of execution of the said period. Seller reserves the right to refuse execution of the order if the delivery address is clearly questionable. Information about this refusal will be sent to the e-mail address of the customer.
Binding order means an order existing an hour after its adoption by the seller.

b. Under the conditions set out in paragraph 2.c) dealer will return the amount paid by the purchaser for goods returned by postal order to the address to which the goods were originally sent, within seven working days from receipt of the returned goods back to the vendor. The seller does not return the amount of the fees associated with the shipment of goods (packing, postage, cash on delivery, labour).

c. Seller agrees that the personal data provided by shoppers will be used only for purposes related to the services trade www.mladekivan.cz, and not give them to any third party unless it is directly related to the execution of orders. At the written request of the purchaser under point 2.d) the seller is obliged to delete from the customer database information about the shopper.

d. If the buyer has repeatedly failed to fulfil their obligation to take and pay for the ordered goods in point 2.b), the seller has the right to suspend or refuse handling of other orders of the purchaser .

2. The rights and obligations of the buyer a. Shoppers indicate the correct mailing address to which the ordered goods are to be sent. b. Buyer agrees to take the ordered and sent merchandise and pay full price for the ordered goods including all charges listed in the binding order (postage and packing, cash on delivery). c. Under Act no. 367/2000 buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 days of receipt of goods. In the following circumstances the buyer is entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the goods (the seller does not return the amount paid for shipping, postage or cash on delivery), under the following conditions: • returned goods must not be damaged or otherwise impaired in the case of multimedia and audio media (CD, MC, CD-ROM) the plastic cover must not be violated. • shoppers will deliver the goods by mail at his own expense to the vendor:
EUROKONZERT s.r.o. V Štíhlách 1317/18, Prague 4, 140 00 • To shipments of returned goods Please paste a copy of the counterfoil of the COD or parcel bills. • Contact: Simona Kratochvílová – email: kratochvilova@eurokonzert.cz

d. Shoppers have the right to erasure of their personal data from the customer database of trade www.mladekivan.cz if the shop did not make any order, on the basis of a written request sent to the operator. e. If shoppers when ordering goods choose to pay by bank transfer they agree to pay the total price of the order within 14 days of its implementation. If within this period the seller does not receive payment on your account, your order will be canceled. Write to us: Did not find an answer to your question? Want to tell us something? Write to us! If you provide us with an e-mail address we will try to provide a comprehensive answer. For any queries you can also contact us at roubychova@eurokonzert.cz