About Ivan Mládek


Ivan Mládek, Jaroslav Mysliveček – co-founders of ‚Anti-perspective‘ painting XII / 1978 – The magazine „Young World“ rates several songs by Ivan Mládek. The Editor asks the author to accompany the songs with simple drawings. For the song „Express Train Going to Prague“ Ivan Mládek first draws his oncoming train in reversed perspective. The tracks diverge towards the horizon, but converge in the foreground to a tiny locomotive; the carriages become larger and larger to the rear until we can see the passengers clearly in the windows of the last carriage. 1979–84 – Creative Holidays 1985 – The owner of the Stuttgart Gallery of Naive Art, Eli Diamond, comes into possession of a few photos of naive images with humorous topics that Ivan Mládek painted in the sixties and offers him an exhibition in his gallery. Mládek is a professional musician at this time and is so busy working that he has no time to paint and reunite with his longtime friend ak.mal.Jaroslav Mysliveček and so suggests an unusual collaboration. Mládek, for reasons of limited time, would think up the ideas for the pieces and make drawings only while Mysliveček would consequently complete the picture in oils. They would also shake on a deal with the framer Mr Valšubou from Revnice and together found the „Prague oil company.“ I.Mládek draws the first four drawings for J.Mysliveček in the Anti-perspective style. / „Suicide Dispatcher,“ „Manhattan“, „The Civil Swimming Pool“ and „Mowgli Flees the Elephants' 1986 – Creative Holidays 1987 – Jaroslav Mysliveček completes Mladek's first drawings in oil. / Avoid using the term “Colourist" which the academic artist J. Mysliveček hates to hear. Art experts on seeing these co-productions confirm that far from being a mere ‚colouring in‘ of Mládeks drawings, they are most definitely art works of equal cooperation. / Soon the first images of Anti-perspective art are garnering great interest and so Ivan Mládek and Jaroslav Mysliveček work on new ideas and prepare for their first exhibition; not in Stuttgart, but in Prague. 1988 – The first exhibition of paintings in the anti perspective style is held at Malostranska Beseda. I.Mládek and J.Mysliveček agree upon the pseudonym „Joseph II“. The first four images with this signature are bought by the American collector Jeff Wiesse Vive President of American Express. / The images „Noah's Ark“, „Manhattan“, „Woman in the Mirror“ and „Mowgli Flees the Elephants'. The picture “Noah's Ark" is currently hanging in the hall of the „Bank of America“ in San Francisco. 1989 – Ivan Mládek begins to implement some of his ideas by himself. Mladek's painting, in comparison to that of J.Myslivečka is more stylistic and colourful, with distinctive shapes lined with typical legeresque contours. The Mládek-Mysliveček cooperation continues, and in all other exhibitions the creative duo of anti-perspective art are presented together.

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